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Decorative Barks
Decorative Barks : 

Medium Bark (1"-1 1/2"- 2"),  Small Bark (1/4" - 1/2"- 3/4")  Walk-On Bark (1/2"-3/4" by 1-2" long)
Decorative barks can be used as ground cover in flower beds, around plants and tress, and provide supporting background for flowerbeds and good ground cover for landscaping, weed deterring, and water retainment.

Black Bark

Black Bark 

Black Colored Bark is a recycled product chip-ground into strips about ½ by 2/3 2-3 inches long and colored black. This is a beautiful black bark adding a rich look to your landscape.  It also gives a wonderful contrasting look to any design.

Landscape Shavings
Livestock Bedding​

Shavings, paddock chips and dairy chips made from softwood pulp that is processed to various  sizes suitable for bedding material or paddocks. Because it is made from just softwood trees it is safe for horses as well as other livestock. The shavings produce less dust than traditional  bedding and therefore is perfect for animals with respiratory illnesses or other allergy related issues.  Paddock chips and dairy chips provide mud free footing.

Playground Chips
Sierra Play Playground Fiber 

Playground Fiber is 100% Virgin Wood.
These chips are a mix of engineered wood fibers that have high quality shock absorbing properties and provide a higher level of cushioning than almost any other playground surfacing material on the market today. Our playground fiber passes the ASTM Standard Tests for engineered wood fiber for use as a playground safety surface under and around playground equipment  Our playground fiber
is also  100% ADA Certified.

Top Soil
Planters Mix

An excellent blend of 1/3 sandy loam and 2/3 humus.
Used as an ammendment for planting lawns, sod,
gardens and flower beds.
* * Also Planter's Mix can be used as Potting Soil


We have river rock, moss rock and crushed rock. These types of rock are commonly used in landscaping beds, they are useful for drainage as well as garden decor. The rocks are a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Worm Castings
The super food of garden plants, they aid in plant growth, help fight disease and nourish your plants.  Worm castings are packed with minerals such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and potash.
Mocha Bark

Mocha Bark 

This Premium Virgin Chocolate Brown Bark is a perfect compliment to any landscape.  Mocha Bark goes with any classic or contemporary lawn or park landscape design.
As with all of our barks, it provides a healthy environment for your landscape to flourish all year round.

Shredded Bark

Shredded Bark

Also known as Gorilla hair. This is a finely shredded cedar bark. It is dark red in color and adhears well to hold onto hill sides and slopes. This bark helps your soil retain moisture and aids in deterring weed growth

Humus Compost


( 0 - 1/4") A mature natural compost, extracted from forest products used as a soil amendment to naturally
breaks up soil and retains moisture.
*Not recommended for sole use as a potting soil


Walk on Bark

( 1/2" - 3/4 " x 1" - 2" long)
This is a more variable size natural looking bark which lays flat and works well on walkways as around shrubs and trees.  Great in hi-traffic areas.

Fall Safe Playground Fiber

Our Fall Safe Playground Fiber is 100% virgin material, is ASTM,  ADA certified and meets CPSC playground standards. This engineered wood fiber is manufactured with the highest quality of wood. The chips are elongated blunt or soft chopped ends of wood which provides a very high level of cushioning.

Sandy Loam

Sandy Loam

Loam is soil composed mainly of sand.
Considered ideal for gardening and agricultural uses.
Sandy Loam generally contains more nutrients than other sandy soils, have better infiltration and drainage than silty soils, and is easier to till than clay soils.

Red Bark Bark
Red Bark

Red Colored Bark is a recycled products chip-ground into strips about ½" by 2-3 inches long and colored red. 

This is a beautiful red bark adding a rich look to your landscape.  Red Bark also gives a wonderful contrasting​look to every landscape design.

Red Bark Bark
Econo Bark
A mixture of 1/4" to 3" size bark containing
fines and some shreds.  Perfect for covering
large areas for parties, landscape needs or to keep the mud down.
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